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  Forms of Payment
 Types of refunds

Requests for ticket refunds are to be directed to the same location where the ticket purchase was made. Therefore, if you used a Travel Agent, the Call Centre, the Internet or a Caribbean Airlines Ticket Office then you should return to the respective point of purchase. They will prepare your request and then submit it to the Refunds Department.

All refunds will be made to the original form of payment used for the ticket purchase, i.e. if you paid by credit card, the refund will be made to your credit card; if made by cash, a cheque will be generated in settlement of your claim.

Refunds are processed 15 working days from the day the Refunds Department receives your request, providing all the documents necessary to process your refund is attached. An additional 15 days may be required for finalization of refunds requiring issuance of a cheque.

Penalties are incurred each time a customer does one or more of the following: cancellation, date or flight change, does not show for a flight or does not use a ticket. If the ticketed flight reservation is not cancelled prior to ticketed departure time, rebooking is not permitted and the ticket will have no value. Flight disruptions caused by the airline such as schedule changes, flight cancellations etc. do not incur penalties, but processing fees may be applicable. Please note that if you change your itinerary and then choose to maintain or return to your original itinerary any fees charged as a result of the first change would remain non-refundable.

Refund penalties are determined by the rules governing the fare you have purchased; refunds are at times allowed on combination refundable and non refundable fares. At such times all taxes are refundable and the non refundable coupon(s) closed.
Fares that are non refundable may be eligible for reissue within the validity period. Please check with your issuing office for details.

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