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Pre-reserving general seats

For convenient travel, Caribbean Airlines offers the option of pre-reserving your seat. Our reservation agents and travel service providers (Travel Agents) will be happy to make these arrangements for you. Additionally, this option is available to our customers who book on our website and for customers who utilize web-check-in 24 to 3 hours prior to departure.

Requests can be made up to 11 months before your departure date, provided you have a confirmed booking with us. Certain seats are not available for advance seat selection (inclusive of bulkhead seats, emergency exits seats and seats before and after the emergency exits seats) and will only be assigned at the airport. We encourage our taller passengers to arrive early at check-in and we will try our best to assign seat with extra leg-room once you meet our aviation requirements; this is also subject to availability.

Pre-reserving infant seats

An infant (a child up to two (2) years of age), will be entitled to a seat once the child’s fare has been purchased. In all other cases the parent/guardian will be required to hold the infant for the entire journey, in accordance with FAA/CAA laws. Bassinets and sky cots are not available on any of our aircraft types.

Securing your reserved seat

You are advised to observe the required three (3) hour check-in requirement for international flights and two (2) hour check-in requirement for domestic flights. International flights close one hour prior to the scheduled departure time and domestic flights close forty (40) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time; if you do not reach the airport in ample time you run the risk of losing your preferred seat.

Exit Row Seats image
Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) regulations
In accordance with Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) regulations and to assure cabin safety the exit row seats cannot be assigned to passengers who fall within the following categories:
1) Lacking sufficient dexterity in both arms, hands and legs:
  image to expeditiously reach the emergency exit
  image to reach upward, sideways and downward to the location of the emergency exit operating mechanisms
  image to grasp and push, pull, turn or otherwise manipulate those mechanisms
  image to remove obstructions and maintain balance while removing those obstructions
  image to exit expeditiously
  image to assist others in evacuating the aircraft
2) Under the age of sixteen (16) years
3) Unaccompanied minors
4) Passengers with the responsibility of caring for infants and/or small children
5) Inability to read and understand instructions related to emergency evacuation provided by the airline or to understand oral commands given in the English Language
6) The inability to adequately convey information orally to other passengers
7) Passengers with a hearing and/or visual impairment
8) A non-discernable condition that may cause the person bodily harm if he/she performed one or more of the applicable functions
Possible exit seat requirements
If you have been assigned an exit seat, you maybe asked to perform the following functions when cabin crew is not available
  image Locate the emergency exit
  image Recognize the emergency exit opening mechanism and operating instructions
  image Understand the instructions for opening the emergency exit and follow oral instructions and hand signals given by a crewmember
  image Operate the emergency exit
  image Exit the aircraft expeditiously
  image Assess, select and follow a safe path away from the emergency exit
If you are unable or do not wish to perform these functions please notify the Customer Services Agent at Check-in or the Cabin Crew to be reseated.
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