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The comfort of your pet is important to us. From the moment they are delivered to us, to the time they arrive at their destination we ensure your animal is shown the special attention, care and comfort you would extend to them yourself.
What animals do we transport?
Dogs, cats, monkeys, exotic birds, baby chicks, horses, live tropical fish, reptiles and many more.

Caribbean Airlines Limited will not accept primates used for laboratory research, experimentation and exploitation purposes.
Reservations & documentation requirements
Live animals are accepted subject to advance arrangements and space booked and confirmed from origin to final destination
Ensure all applicable documentation such as licenses/ permits have been obtained and other health requirements such as vaccinations have been met
The shipper must comply with all quarantine rules and specific requirements established by the health authorities of each country of origin, transit and destination
Clear and concise instructions must be supplied by the shipper for watering, feeding and handling
Please be guided by IATA Live Animals Regulations regarding container types and sizes to be used
For more information on Shipping your Live Animals, contact your localCaribbean Airlines Cargo office
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