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At Caribbean Airlines Cargo, we intend to set new standards of quality service and reliability by putting your needs first every time. You can lean on us in your time of grief

Human remains will only be accepted for transportation by air once they have been embalmed or cremated.

If remains have not been cremated they must be contained in a hermetically sealed lead or zinc inner coffin. The wooden coffin may be protected from damage by outer packing and covered by canvas or tarpaulin so that the nature of its content is not apparent

Cremated human remains must be shipped in funeral urns, which must be sufficiently cushioned with suitable packaging to avoid breakage.

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Upon arrival at your destination, we offer prompt and timely delivery of human remains (Hurem) and fast collection due to the implementation of an efficient customs system and procedure.
Make a Reservation image

To ensure efficient and sensitive service, bookings must be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance. The procedure is a simple one:

image Call our Customer Service Department or make a reservation via the online booking service, providing the name, telephone number and address of the Funeral Agencies involved
image Ensure both Funeral Agencies involved are well informed of departure and arrival of Hurem
image The Hurem must be accompanied by a Death Certificate and an Embalmers Certificate and other applicable documentation
image Cremated and non-cremated remains should conform to IATA Regulations
For more information on Shipping your Dangerous Goods, contact your local Caribbean Airlines Cargo office
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