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Frequently Asked Questions – 7th Heaven Rewards Migration

When will the 7th Heaven Rewards frequent flyer programme be merged with the Caribbean Miles Frequent Flyer programme?

The merger of the 7th Heaven Rewards frequent flyer programme will be complete in phases. The programme rules have already been aligned  and work is in progress to transfer both programmes to a common system at which time duplicate accounts will be merged, and new account numbers will be assigned. The projected timeline for complete integration is April 2016.

What benefits should I expect as a Caribbean Miles member that I do not currently enjoy now as a 7th Heaven Rewards member?

The main benefits to be expected are enhanced system functionality and programme benefits. These include but are not limited to:-

  • the capability to pool your account with family members enrolled in the Caribbean Miles member
  • the capability to transfer your miles to the account of another Caribbean Miles member
  • the capability to pay for your reward ticket online using a combination of miles and cash, or miles and voucher
  • the capability to create a list of beneficiaries to whom you may wish to gift a reward ticket and complete the redemption process online.
  • the capability to create a corporate account where miles earned by individuals in your company may be credited to one account.
  • The capability to use miles to purchase approved ancillary services and much, much, more

As a 7th Heaven Rewards member who holds a NCB Travel Master credit card, will I still continue to earn miles through my credit card purchases?

All partner contracts that are valid at the time of the migration will be honored for the term of the contract. You will also be able to enjoy earning and redeeming miles on any other existing or future partner relationships.

What do I need to do to ensure that I continue to earn miles when the 7th Heaven Rewards programme is merged with the Caribbean Miles programme?

As  an existing 7th Heaven Rewards member who has had at least one activity on your account post 2011 and whose current miles balance is greater than “0”, you will continue to earn miles automatically in your new Caribbean Miles account. Simply provide your new membership number provided each time you make a booking to fly on Caribbean Airlines or contact us within 6 months of having completed your trip to ensure proper recording of your travel.

I have had instances where my miles have not been automatically credited to my account even though I have complied with procedure to add my frequent flyer account to my booking, how can I guarantee that this will not happen when my account is moved to Caribbean Miles?

In order to ensure that you  continue to receive regular statements, programme updates and communication on special offers, we also require that you update your profile data with any change in name, postal or e-mail address and  ensure that all data fields for demographic data, gender, date of birth,etc. is filled in before your account is migrated to the new system. Please review and update these details with a 7th Heaven Rewards Service Centre agent at your earliest opportunity.  

How do I contact the 7th Heaven Rewards call centre  when the 7th Heaven Rewards programme has been merged with the Caribbean Miles programme.

Any changes to the office contact details will be posted on the contact page of the Caribbean Airlines website.  Until further advised you may continue to contact us at the contact details currently listed for the 7th Heaven Rewards Frequent Flyer programme. 


What will happen to customers who have already redeemed miles to travel between Trinidad and Gatwick and are now holding tickets to travel after January 10,2016?

Caribbean Miles members may opt for:_

  • a full refund on taxes and fees paid and to have miles redeposited. The Redeposit fee will be waived.
  • OR
  • Re‐allocation to other airlines services where possible Please contact the Caribbean Miles Service Centre for assistance.

As a Caribbean Miles member, resident in the UK, will my miles expiration date be extended?

Due to suspension of operations between UK and Trinidad, requests for extension of miles expiration may not be entertained. Members may opt to (1) Redeem miles for travel between UK and Trinidad or other Caribbean Airlines destinations for completed travel by 10Jan2016 (2) Retain miles for redemption between any two cities to which Caribbean Airlines operates or (3) transfer residual miles to the account of another Caribbean Miles member.

As a Caribbean Miles member, resident in the UK, if I opt to transfer my residual miles, what will be the process?

For those members, resident in the United Kingdom, we would facilitate all requests for transfer of unutilized miles to the account of another designated Caribbean Miles member who resides outside of the United Kingdom. The standard miles transfer processing and miles transfer fees will be waived in these circumstances. Simply visit us at and complete the online miles transfer form. Proof of UK residence status is required.

Will Caribbean Airlines consider entering into a code share agreement with another airline through which Caribbean Miles members will continue to be able to earn or redeem miles when travelling between the UK and the Caribbean?

We are currently exploring several options and once a final decision is made all members will be advised accordingly. When the suspension of Caribbean Airlines services takes effect on 10January2016, Caribbean Miles members will no longer be able to earn or redeem miles when travelling between the UK and Caribbean on other carriers.

How long will the re-accommodation on another flight take and how will I be contacted?

Requests for re-accomodation will be handled via the Caribbean Airlines Reservations Call Centre. Please contact us for assistance.

If I opt for a refund how long is the process?

Refunds on tickets purchased using a Credit card will take 15-21 business days to process Refunds on tickets purchased using cash or cheque will take 30 business days to process Please note, refund on tickets purchased via travel agents must be submitted via the travel agency office.

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