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Caribbean Airlines Limited incorporates the following policies when performing the audit of BSP submissions and when processing any disputes that arise as a result of the audit;

ADM Process

ADM's (Agency Debit Memos) are raised for errors on Caribbean Airlines tickets and PNRs and can include any of the below:

  • CIP violation
  • Class error
  • Commission Calculation
  • Fare Calculation error
  • Fare Rule violation
  • Tax Calculation.
  • Violation to Caribbean Airlines’ CRS/GDS Booking Policy.
  • Violation of Caribbean Airlines’ Refund rules and procedures.
    1. Caribbean Airlines’ system will automatically check BSP submissions and flag tickets that have been incorrectly issued – fare rule violations, incorrect taxes paid etc.
    2. Any such tickets will be summarised and the appropriate fees applied.
    3. Caribbean Airlines’ system will raise an ADM, via BSP link, per agent per period with a maximum of 20 incorrect tickets on each.
    4. If no Disputes are raised or Disputes are rejected your agency pays via next BSP remittance.

ADM Dispute procedures

Agents are advised to refer any Disputes, with sufficient Dispute information, onto the contact address displayed at the top left hand corner of the ADM.
Any unsupported disputes will be disregarded.

A decision will be made within 30 days of receipt of Dispute.
Any ADM that is disputed after the expiry of the dispute period needs to be registered within 9 months from the ADM issue date. No dispute will be processed after this date i.e. no dispute that is raised later than 10 months after ADM issue date will be considered.
Agents are urged to utilise the BSPlink Dispute facility (where applicable) when querying ADMs, as this will halt billing of the ADM whilst dispute is investigated.
If Dispute is accepted, approval will be via BSPlink ‘APPROVE DISPUTE’ option or by ACM issue (depending on Dispute method).
If Dispute is part approved (i.e. Less Audit or Error Charges), the ‘REJECT DISPUTE’ option will be selected and an ACM for ADM value less charges will be issued.
Rejections will be via the BSP link or response by email or fax. “

Authorisations of deviations from documented fares, rules and/or charges.

Verbal authorisations will not be accepted as a valid reason for an ADM dispute.
Agents must to refer to any authorisation in the endorsement box of the ticket and gain written confirmation of authorisation in order to support any Dispute. The cancellation of any ADMs arising due to the lack of this information will be subject to a ‘Cancellation Charge’ of USD $10.                       

Taxes, duties and charges extra to fares.

These are applicable at time of ticketing. Any quotes given at time of booking are as a guide only and agents are required to pay levels that are in force at time of ticket issue – unless communicated otherwise by Caribbean Airlines. In the event that taxes are raised subsequent to ticket issue but are applicable to travel date such taxes are subject to collection.


Cancellation and re-issue of any incorrect/void tickets that would normally incur a Penalty for Change or Cancellation Fee must be completed within the same day to avoid an ADM. Any after this time must be requested from Caribbean Airlines’ Refunds Department via BSPlink. Same would be subject to a processing fee or refund penalty determined by route and fare rule.
ADMs will be issued for incorrect refunds upon audit of Refund Notices and GDS refunds for both cash and credit card transactions. Additionally ADMs will be issued for recall commission whenever a refund is performed. Recall amount would  be based on the unused portion or adjusted fare.

Other charges

  • Caribbean Airlines will levy a USD $50 charge against tickets that have been issued incorrectly on Caribbean Airlines' CIP. Tickets issued for totally offline sales are considered as CIP Abuse unless permitted under an agreement with Caribbean Airlines. This charge is for incorrect ticketing only. In addition Caribbean Airlines will recover any Interline Billing amounts which exceed the original fare paid, by ADM issue.
    • Caribbean Airlines will levy charges for violations of the CRS/GDS Booking Policy as laid out in the policy document under Appendix 1: B. Activities and Fees.

    CIP Abuse and Incorrect Ticketing Charges are issued to cover audit and administration costs and will not be refunded unless it is proven these charges have been issued incorrectly.

    Caribbean RFP Header

    Caribbean Airlines Limited invites proposals from suitably qualified entities for the Re-Design and Development of Caribbean Airlines Web Presence and the Administrative Tool. These services involve liaison with the Caribbean Airlines Marketing Team, located at Iere House, Golden Grove Road, Piarco, TRINIDAD.

    Intention to Tender – Pre-Qualification Criteria

    Interested Proposers are required to pre-qualify by accessing and submitting a Pre-Qualification form via the link below: (This link will expire by 4pm AST Tuesday 04th November)

    Full completion of the form is mandatory to ensure Caribbean Airlines criteria is satisfied. Any false or misleading statements found within will lead to disqualification. Vendors will be informed via email of receipt of their intention to Bid.

    Vendor Qualification

    CAL will review all Intentions to Bid received by the pre-qualification submission deadline, and will notify qualified vendors accordingly. Qualified vendors will receive the RFP via the email entered in the Pre-Qualification form. Kindly ensure that this email is a valid, company email.

    CAL is not obliged to notify unqualified vendors, or to provide reasons or explanations.


    Proposals submitted outside of the Submission Deadline will not be considered. Caribbean Airlines Limited reserves the right to select or reject any or all of the proposals received; and all costs associated with the preparation and submission of any proposal will be for the account of the Proposer. Caribbean Airlines does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any other Proposal.

    Submission of Proposals

    Specific submission details are given in the Request for Proposal, which will be sent to all qualifying Vendors.

    Secretary – Tenders Committee

    Caribbean Airlines Limited

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