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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What additional functionalities will the new loyalty system deliver?

In the first phase of the implementation scheduled for September, 2016, members can look forward to the following upgrades/enhanced service delivery:-

  • Immediate system identification of your Caribbean Miles member account number and tier status upon making a reservations through the Caribbean Airlines Reservations Call Centre
  • Automatic update of your reservations record with your Caribbean Miles Frequent Flyer Number
  • Completion of reward booking, miles redemption and ticket issuance in one seamless transaction through the Caribbean Miles Service Centre

By January 2017, the following will also be possible…

  • Online reward redemption and nomination of third party beneficiaries
  • Online pooling of accounts
  • Online payment for miles transfer, miles reactivation and miles extension
  • Online enrolment in the Club Caribbean programme
  • Online tracking of tier miles
  • the capability to view allocation and track utilization of Club Caribbean waiver of date change penalty vouchers online
  • the capability to view allocation and track utilization of Gold and Executive Gold upgrade certificates online Additionally all members with valid e-mail addresses will receive automatic notification of changes in account status, tier status, miles due expiration date, etc.

Q . Will there be any changes to my account number?

Your account number will change from a 7 or 8 digit to a 10 digit account number. You will be notified of this change upon your first log in shortly after the new system is launched.

Q. How will I access my account if my account number has changed?

You will be able to access your account by using your current account number and upon log in, you will receive notification of your new account number. Please take note of this number for future reference.

Will my ability to earn or redeem miles be affected by the change in my account number?

No. All miles earned using your previous account number will be automatically credited to your existing account.

Q. Will the change in my account number affect my ability to claim for missing miles for flights flown prior to the migration to the new loyalty system?

The migration to the new loyalty system and allocation of new account number will not impact on your ability to claim missing miles. Members will be allowed to submit, from the member website, all retro claims for travel within the previous six months. Miles will be credited into your account within 24 hours once travel details have been validated.

Q. What would happen to my accounts if I previously held both a Caribbean Miles and a 7th Heaven Rewards account?

Effective 01 August, 2011, with the acquisition of Air Jamaica by Caribbean Airlines, members were entitled to earn miles for each Caribbean Airlines flight flown. A member may have opted to deposit these miles to either the Caribbean Miles account or 7th Heaven Rewards account and were encouraged to merge these accounts. Any duplicate accounts identified in the migration process will now be merged automatically and any flight transaction that is found to have been duplicated will be reversed

Q. When will the 7th Heaven Rewards frequent flyer programme be merged with the Caribbean Miles Frequent Flyer programme?

The merger of the 7th Heaven Rewards frequent flyer programme will be completed in phases. The programme rules have already been aligned and work is in progress to transfer both programmes to a common system. Duplicate accounts will be merged, and new account numbers will be assigned. The projected timeline for this phase is September 2016.

Q. What do I need to do to ensure that I continue to earn miles when the 7th Heaven Rewards programme is merged with the Caribbean Miles programme?

As an existing 7th Heaven Rewards member who has had at least one activity on your account post 2011 and whose current miles balance is greater than “0”, you will continue to earn miles automatically in your new Caribbean Miles account. Simply provide your new membership number each time you make a booking to fly on Caribbean Airlines or contact us within 6 months of having completed your trip to ensure proper recording of your travel.

Q. As a 7th Heaven Rewards member who holds a NCB Travel Master credit card, will I still continue to earn miles through my credit card purchases?

All partner contracts that are valid at the time of the migration will be honoured for the term of the contract. You will also be able to enjoy earning and redeeming miles on any other existing or future partner relationships.

Q. What benefits should I expect as a Caribbean Miles member that I do not currently enjoy now as a 7th Heaven Rewards member?

  • The main benefits to be expected are enhanced system functionality and programme benefits. These include but are not limited to:
  • the capability to pool your account with family members enrolled in the Caribbean Miles Programme
  • the capability to transfer your miles to the account of another Caribbean Miles member
  • the capability to inherit miles from the account of a deceased member

Also coming soon…..

  • the capability to create a list of beneficiaries to whom you may wish to gift a reward ticket and complete the redemption process online.
  • the capability to extend, reactivate and purchase miles online
  • the capability to track tier progress online
  • the capability to view allocation and track utilization of Club Caribbean waiver of date change penalty vouchers
  • the capability to view allocation and track utilization of Gold and Executive Gold upgrade certificates
  • E-notification of required miles to tier
  • E-notification of change in account status
  • E-notification of due expiration date of miles

Q. How do I contact the 7th Heaven Rewards call centre when the 7th Heaven Rewards programme has been merged with the Caribbean Miles programme?

All members of the integrated 7th Heaven Rewards and Caribbean Miles Frequent Flyer programme may contact our service centre via any of the

following numbers :-

  • From Canada/USA – 1 800 523 5585 or 1- 800 – 920 – 4225 or 1- 855- 336 - 4537
  • From Caracas - - +58 212 335 7405
  • From Caribbean - 1 800 523 5585 or 1 -800 -744 - 2225
  • From Guyana - 1- 800- 744 -2225
  • From Jamaica - 1 888 359 2475
  • From St. Maarten - 1- 800 – 920 – 4225
  • From Trinidad & Tobago and Suriname -  1- 868 – 625 – 5540
  • From UK/Europe -      +44 845 362 4225
  • Or  via e-mail at :

Q. I have had instances where my miles have not been automatically credited to my account even though I have complied with procedure to add my frequent flyer account to my booking, how can I guarantee that this will not happen when my account is moved to Caribbean Miles?

In order to ensure that you continue to receive regular statements, programme updates and communication on special offers, we also require that you update your profile data with any change in name, postal and e-mail address and ensure that all data fields such as gender, date of birth, etc. is filled in before your account is migrated to the new system. Please review and update these details with a 7th Heaven Rewards Service Centre agent at your earliest opportunity.

Q. My last activity was prior to 2012 and I am unable to retrieve my account online. What is the reason for this?

All dormant accounts that have had no activity for a period of 48 months would have been archived and not migrated to the new loyalty system. Please visit our website to create a new account.

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