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Payment Types and Options Online

Caribbean Airlines offers various payment types and methods to enable you to purchase your tickets online:



American Express


Pay Later

Return and Pay Online

3D Secure - Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

Caribbean Airlines is dedicated to providing secure online payments methods. We use an extra level of security for Visa and MasterCard payments, which protects you from the unauthorized use of your credit card. 3D Secure technology consists of the programs Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. To find out if your financial institution is enrolled, register now or simply learn more about the programs, visit Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode websites.

If your financial institution is not enrolled, you will complete your purchase in a normal manner.

If your financial institution is enrolled and you are not enrolled, upon submitting your purchase, you will be redirected to their website to register. Depending on your issuing bank’s registration process, you may be allowed to register and complete your purchase at the same time, or you may have to restart your booking.

If your financial institution is enrolled and you are enrolled, you will be redirected to your issuing bank’s website and greeted with a personal message you previously set (this helps confirm you are not dealing with a fraudulent website). You will then be asked for your secret password and to confirm your identity. After you have entered your password correctly, you will be returned to Caribbean Airline’s Reservation Confirmation page, and this confirms your purchase completed successfully.

3D-Secure Illustrated

Payment Options

24-hour Reservation Policy

Customers may hold their original reservation free of charge for 24 hours when they select the pay later option. Once you have purchased your ticket online and you wish to change or cancel the reservation, any fees associated with the fare you selected will be applied.

Pay Later

The Pay Later option is available if you are departing three or more days from the day you are making your reservation. Your reservation is held and the fare is guaranteed for 24 hours from the date/time you successfully ended your Pay Later booking. Payment for these bookings can be made online with your credit card, or using card or cash at a Caribbean Airlines ticket office.

Return and Pay Online

Our Pay Online service enables you to return and pay with your Visa, MasterCard, UATP or American Express online. Only Pay Later bookings created via this website can use this service.


Our website is a trusted VeriSign secure site, which is an independent, industry recognized system that allows you to validate the ownership and security of any website. By using VeriSign we’ve verified the website can be trusted, it is scanned daily for viruses and other threats, and any information you enter is encrypted and converted into code before transmitting securely over the Internet.

Payment Issues Tips

Do not reload, refresh or use the back browser button while payment is in progress or appears to have stalled. Report this to Caribbean Airlines,, immediately for assistance.

My financial institution is enrolled and I received a blank page. The 3-D Secure protocol performs the redirection to your issuing bank so you need to report this to them right away; send your bank a snapshot of the whole page to share what you experienced. You can check with Caribbean Airlines to ensure your booking did not complete before retrying the transaction.

My page froze. Contact Caribbean Airlines immediately for assistance. Do not reload, refresh or retry your transaction until we confirm that your transaction did not process. Save snapshots of the whole page at different time intervals and email these to us to share what you experienced.

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