Terms and Conditions:

I understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions governing the fare selected and/or the changes I am now requesting. I have read and agree with Caribbean Airlines Conditions of Carriage. I understand that all advanced tickets purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable unless the fare rule states otherwise. Some fares are exclusive for final purchase on the web and can only be sold and ticketed online and cannot be ticketed at a Caribbean Airlines office. For further information on these types of fares please refer to the rules of the fare.


I understand that passengers booking on this ecommerce are quoted and billed in Canadian dollars (CAD) when travel originates in Canada, Great British Pounds (GBP) when travel originates in the UK and US dollars (USD) when travel originates from all other cities.

I understand that the policy of my financial institution will govern i) any finance charges associated with my transaction and ii) the conversion amounts and exchange rates at the time of billing. Prices are guaranteed only at time of purchase.

Passenger Type Policy:

Adult: The adult fare is charged for passengers 12 years and older. If the passenger is between the ages of 12-15 and requires Meet and Assist service, please contact us to make this arrangement.

Child: A child is a passenger aged 2-11. Children must be booked with a passenger 16 years or older or they will be denied boarding. Depending on the fare purchased a child’s discount may be applied.

Unaccompanied Minors (UM): UMs cannot be booked on this site. UMs are children aged 5-11 years travelling without a passenger 16 years and over. The UM service is optional for children aged 12-15.

Infant: An infant does not occupy a seat when booking on this site. An infant is someone who has not reached the age of 2. Infants turning two (2) years old on or before their return travel date are required by Civil Aviation regulations to occupy a seat.

Currency Conversion:

For the convenience of users, the booking and or reservations area may provide exact fare information in the currency for which the fare is computed and approximate fare information in another currency or currencies. Approximate fare information in currencies other than the currency used to compute the fare is calculated using currency exchange information derived from publicly available sources and is believed to be accurate. However CARIBBEAN AIRLINES does not warrant or guarantee such accuracy, as currency rates may vary, and CARIBBEAN AIRLINES may not routinely verify the accuracy of the calculator or data.

24-hour Reservation Policy:

Customers may hold their original reservation free of charge for 24 hours when they select the pay later option. Once you have purchased your ticket online and you wish to change or cancel the reservation, any fees associated with the fare you selected will be applied.

Cancellation Policy:

Fares are not guaranteed until you have completed your purchase. Once you have completed your online booking, you may incur penalties or fees to make changes to your booking or itinerary. Note that fares may be non-refundable and the more restrictive fare rule apply to changes in your booking . The fare you purchased may be subject to other conditions or restrictions. We recommend that you carefully read the rules associated with your booking. Cancellation fee waived for illness or death of passenger family member. Waived for illness only applies in the event of certifiable hospitalization. A TICKET HAS NO VALUE UNLESS TICKETED FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED PRIOR TO TICKETED DEPARTURE TIME.

Refunds Policy including Tax Exemptions:

There are some government imposed taxes, charges or fees that our reservation system is unable to exempt automatically. If you are charged any of the following taxes, charges or fees you may request a refund for the following:

1. Infants exemptions:
United States of America: AY: Security Service Fee | US: International Arrival/Departure tax | XF: Passenger Facility Charge Canada: SQ: Airport Improvement Fee | CA: Air Travellers Security Charge | RC: Harmonized Sales Tax (30% of the SQ when it applies)
You may request a refund any time prior to departure or 60 days from your date of departure.

2. Citizens and residents of Trinidad and Tobago over the age of 60 or children under the age of 5, using their Trinidad and Tobago passport will be exempt from the Passenger Service Charge (KT) commonly known as departure tax from Trinidad and Tobago. You may request a refund 60 days from your date of departure only.
Please contact our E-Business Support Centre to request a refund.

Further details on our refunds policy can be viewed via http://caribbean-airlines.com/index.php/travel-extras/ticket-refunds

Conditions of Carriage:

When you buy a ticket to travel on a flight operated by CARIBBEAN AIRLINES, you enter into a contract of carriage with CARIBBEAN AIRLINES. The contract is governed by: (i) the conditions in your ticket or itinerary and receipt, (ii) any applicable tariffs, (iii) Conditions of Carriage, and (iv) related regulations. The carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo by air are subject to the Conditions of Carriage and Regulations of CARIBBEAN AIRLINES and may be seen on request by contacting a CARIBBEAN AIRLINES Travel agent or by accessing our Conditions of Carriage. Other services and products described in this Web Site are also subject to terms and conditions, details of which may be obtained from CARIBBEAN AIRLINES or the service provider (as applicable). Passenger is responsible for complying with all of the terms and conditions set forth herein, and such terms and conditions cannot be modified by the oral representations of airline personnel.

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