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Caribbean Airlines supports an array of public interest initiatives which reflect and nurture our core values to drive the long-term success of our brand. We strive to be an active corporate citizen by acknowledging our responsibility towards the community wherever we conduct business. Caribbean Airlines' sponsorship and corporate philanthropy is an important investment into the Caribbean community's future. We want our service to communities to engender a sense of pride and satisfaction among our employees.
Youth and Education

Caribbean Airlines believes that it is in the best interest of our country, and the region at large, to have a well-educated population and a young generation which is open-minded and able to embrace and deal with the complex issues of the modern society. Education is the backbone of development for any country and our industry, in particular, depends on skilled employees. In this field, we focus on encouraging the culture of learning; promoting and developing areas of education relevant to the development of the economy through the provision of assistance as well as learning equipment. Our initiatives are targeted at individuals (students and educators) as well as educational institutions. Career days and involvement in school projects are just some of the initiatives we take part in. By supporting youth and educational projects, Caribbean Airlines' intention is to contribute to the involvement of the young generation in current affairs and promote the concept of civil society in the region.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts are an inevitable component of every society's heritage and we are aware of the diverse cultures present in the Caribbean. Caribbean Airlines is interested in exclusive partnerships with artistic formations and cultural events that share the same values as our brand. Our partners must stand for excellence and prestige.


Caribbean Airlines is aware that we need to assist in any way possible to the communities in which we serve. To those not as fortunate as others, we are committed to improving the quality of their lives by assisting in any way we can. It must be everyone's mission to make an effort to create such conditions, which give each individual in a society a chance to have a decent life and a reason for joy and happiness. Sponsorship in this area promotes humanity and tackles basic human concerns.

Please direct your sponsorship request to:

Please email your sponsorship request to the Corporate Communications Department.
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