TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Boeing 737-800 ATR 72-600 Boeing 767-300ER

Caribbean Airlines B737-800 is used on all our routes; it seats 18 Business Class and 136 Economy Class passengers.

The 737-800 series has one (1) lavatory at the front of the aircraft as well as two (2) at the back of the aircraft.

Boeing 737-800
No. of Aircraft : 15
          Seat Pitch           Business  38”
          Economy 32/39”

          Seat Width           Business  20”
          Economy 16.5”
          Interior Cabin Width           18' 7"/3.53 m
          Wingspan           117'5"/35.8 m
          Length           129'6"/39.5 m
          Tail Height           41'2"/12.5 m
          Maximum Thrust/Power           27,300 lb
          Maximum Fuel Capacity           6,875 U.S. gallons
          Maximum Take-off weight           155,500 lb /70,533 kg
          Maximum Range           3,115 nmi/5,765 km
          Maximum Pay Load           38,880 lb/17,672 kg
          Passenger Capacity           154
          Typical Cruising Altitude           35,000 ft
          Typical Cruising Speed           391 mph/340 kt
          Cargo - Capacity/Volume           1,555 cu ft/44 cu m
          Number of Engines           2
          Engine Type           CFM 56-7B
          Engine Manufacture           Snecma/G.E.
          Manufacturer's Website: 
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