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Terms for Rewards Travel

Reserving seats not designated for rewards redemption travel may result in the cancellation of the reservation and/or denial of boarding. Effective 01st July, 2011, rewards are valid for either one way or return trips between two cities served by the Caribbean Airlines using the most direct route. Members must have confirmed reservations and be ticketed for the entire trip before beginning rewards travel. Members must have their ticket issued by payment option provided by the booking agent or the reservation will be cancelled.

Once the rewards ticket has been issued, any changes to the itinerary, including cancellations will attract the applicable change of reservations fee.

Members must present photo identification upon collection of the rewards ticket.

Rewards tickets do not earn additional miles and should not be submitted for mileage credit at the time of reservation, check-in, or at the 7th Heaven Rewards Service Center.

Rewards Travel Cancellations
Members who cancel their travel rewards tickets can have the rewards miles re-deposited to their account.

Re-deposited miles will attract a service fee. Effective 01 April 2013, a service charge of US$100 for an International reward and US$50 for Intra Caribbean/S. America reward plus applicable government taxes will apply.

7th Heaven Rewards Credits for Cancelled Flights
Issued rewards tickets which are not used as a result of cancelled or delayed flights will be re-deposited into the member's account without charging re-deposit fees.

Missing Rewards Credits
If rewards miles are not recorded on statements, members may submit a request to the 7th Heaven Rewards Service Centre for review.

In order for members to receive credits retroactively, they must provide a clear copy of the original electronic ticket receipts along with boarding pass and 7th Heaven Rewards account number.  Requests for retroactive credits must be received within six months of the date of the flight for which members are seeking credit.

Travel Agents
Travel agents may reserve rewards on behalf of a member by contacting 7th Heaven Rewards Service Centre and furnishing the required member account information.  Please see REDEEMING  7th HEAVEN REWARDS for the account information required.

Rewards tickets may only be issued by Air Jamaica 7th Heaven Rewards ticket offices.

Accounts may only be accessed by members or 7th Heaven Rewards designated staff.

7th heaven Rewards Transfers
Members may request rewards from their account in another person's name. 
Once the ticket is issued, it is non-transferable.

To make a name change on a rewards ticket, member must re-deposit the award and pay the applicable re-deposit fee. The rewards ticket will then be re-issued in the name required.

PIN required to process rewards tickets.

A 7th Heaven Rewards member is not required to complete third party authorization process if he or she is booked to travel together with other party (parties) for whom reward tickets have been authorized from member’s account. Member must travel together with the rest of the party on a minimum of one flight sector for ticketed itinerary. However, should the member elect not to travel post authorization of reward, he or she will then be required to complete and submit a third party authorization form in order for the other named parties may continue to travel unaccompanied.

Combining 7th Heaven Rewards
Rewards miles cannot be transferred from one account to another.
7th Heaven Rewards cannot be combined with other rewards.

7th Heaven Rewards Expiration Dates
Travel on rewards ticket must be completed within one year of the original date the ticket was issued. Ticket taxes can be refunded up to one year from date of issue if the ticket was not used. Return travel must begin by midnight on the expiration date of the reward ticket

Rewards miles from expired tickets are not eligible for re-credit.  And will not be re-deposited to a member's account.

Re-deposit/Re-issue of Rewards Miles
Wholly unused rewards tickets which have not expired, may be re-deposited by mailing the unused rewards ticket to the 7th Heaven Rewards Service Centre requesting re-deposit. A service charge of USD40.00 will be applied on all deposits. 

Date/Itinerary Changes
Date changes can be made via the 7th Heaven Rewards Service Centre and is subject to payment of applicable date change fee.

Lost or Stolen Tickets
Lost, stolen, or destroyed rewards tickets will not be re-credited or replaced to members' accounts.

Fees & Surcharges
7th Heaven Rewards travel on flights operated by Caribbean Airlines are subject to the filed tariffs and standard contract of carriage of the carrier providing the transportation.

7th Heaven Rewards members are responsible for federal inspection fees, passenger facility charges, customs & immigration fees any other fees and surcharges applicable to rewards travel.

Fees & surcharges for rewards tickets can be paid by major credit card at the time reservations are made.
Rewards miles credits and rewards tickets have no cash value except for applicable taxes, fees and surcharges.

Expedite fees, date change fees and re-deposit fees are non refundable.
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