Guide dogs accompanying a visually or hearing impaired passenger may only be accepted onboard providing they are safely contained and accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates as applicable. They need to have valid entry permits and all of their other documents need to be in order.
Who do I contact?
At the time you are making your reservations you will need to inform Caribbean Airlines at least 7 days prior to your date of departure, so proper arrangements could be made with the relevant authorities.
What will it cost?
Guide Dogs will be carried free of charge when accompanying passengers who are dependent on them, irrespective of weight.
Conditions of Carriage
These dogs must be muzzled and harnessed while positioned at your feet in the cabin. If possible, an empty seat may be kept for the dog so that it will not inconvenience the other passengers or the flight attendants in the performance of their duties.  

Under certain operating conditions, such as long haul non-stop flights, or on certain types of aircraft, it may be impractical to carry a dog on the aircraft.  Under such conditions, transportation in the cabin will be refused and the dog will be transported as Cargo.
Immigration Precautions
To the United Kingdom
When guide dogs are being transported to the United Kingdom, they can only be carried in a nose and paw-proof crate or a container manifested by Cargo and covered by an Air Waybill.

Transiting Barbados
When transiting pets and live animals through Barbados, a transit permit must be obtained from immigration. This is required even if animals are not due to be offloaded. If you change flights in Barbados, a government officer must be present if this transfer of flights takes place outside government hours of 8:15am-4:00pm or on weekends/holidays. A fee of US$50.00 is required in such cases.

Entering and Transiting Antigua and Barbuda
When entering or transiting pets and live animals into or through Antigua and Barbuda, a permit must be obtained from the Veterinary and Livestock division in Antigua as well as, all of their entry requirements must be met. If you wish to import your animal into Antigua and Barbuda please contact the division by phone or fax +1 268 460 1759. Your pet or live animal will be denied entry without the proper documentation.
What documentation do I need to complete?
You will be required to supply our reservations agent with the following information:
1. Animal's itinerary
2. Description of the animal
3. Number of animals
4. Origin of animal

Caribbean Airlines is not responsible in the event an animal is refused entry into, or passage through any country. The owner assumes all risks of injury to, sickness or death of any such animal accepted for transportation.
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