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Miles Expiration

Effective 12 December 2012, Caribbean Miles accounts shall be subject to expiration of miles 36 (thirty-six) months after the last accrual activity in the member’s account. Accrual activity is defined as posting of miles to a member’s account as a result of travel on Caribbean Airlines, one of its specified airline partners or another partner of the Caribbean Miles Frequent Flyer Programme.In cases where miles are for any reason removed from an account, such as the redemption of awards, and later returned, the re-deposit of the miles to the account shall not be considered as account activity. Before they expire, miles can be withdrawn from an account for travel during the following year. All arrangements made will be final. Should the award not be taken within ten months from the date of processing, the reservation will be cancelled and the miles will be lost.

Accounts in Expired status shall be archived and will no longer be valid. A member whose account has been archived and who wishes to resume participation in the Caribbean Miles Frequent Flyer Programme will be required to open a new account and will be assigned a new Caribbean Miles Frequent Flyer account number.
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